Why everyone should watch Anime?

Topics covered in this post: ·        Why everyone should watch Anime? ·        What is Anime? ·        What is difference between Cartoon & Anime? ·        Why Anime is better than Cartoon? ·        Benefits of watching Anime. ·        How to watch Anime? Hello guys my name is Ankit. Why everyone should watch Anime? Today I will tell you why you should watch Anime. I am sure that you must know about some Cartoons and animated movies if you are here most of you   yes I am sure there   is literally no one(only Human) on this planet who doesn’t watch Cartoons in their whole life except some poor people really don’t know this kind of stuff they are all focus on how they will get some food to be alive May God Help Them. For now let’s keep this topic aside. I am sure most of you have must watch at least one cartoon or cartoon movie in their life so far. What is Anime? Anime are basically, Japanese Animation which is used to refer all form of animated med
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