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Why everyone should watch Anime?

Topics covered in this post:

·       Why everyone should watch Anime?
·       What is Anime?
·       What is difference between Cartoon & Anime?
·       Why Anime is better than Cartoon?
·       Benefits of watching Anime.
·       How to watch Anime?

Hello guys my name is Ankit.

Why everyone should watch Anime?

Today I will tell you why you should watch Anime. I am sure that you must know about some Cartoons and animated movies if you are here most of you  yes I am sure there  is literally no one(only Human) on this planet who doesn’t watch Cartoons in their whole life except some poor people really don’t know this kind of stuff they are all focus on how they will get some food to be alive May God Help Them. For now let’s keep this topic aside.
I am sure most of you have must watch at least one cartoon or cartoon movie in their life so far.

What is Anime?

Anime are basically, Japanese Animation which is used to refer all form of animated media. Anime has colorful graphics, vibrant characters, fantastic themes and creative and motivational story line. Totally Awesome.

What is difference between Cartoon & Anime?

Apart from that most of you doesn’t know anything about Anime or Manga till now about more than half of the earth population doesn’t know anything about Anime or never heard of it. They are missing one of most the awesome things in the world they don’t know how great and awesome san Anime be some of the Anime are even greater than any popular movies.
Some people misunderstood that Anime is just a Cartoon so they never watch them I am telling those people that Anime are completely on another level than Cartoons they are way more better than any cartoons. I know some cartoons are really great and entertaining just like my one of the favourite Tom & Jerry.
But cartoons are just for entertainment purpose and some are really useless cartoons. But I really don’t hate some of the great cartoons. Before starting watching Anime I just used to watch cartoons and spend my days.

Why Anime is better than Cartoon?

Once my friend suggested me to watch Naruto then my life’s completely changed from that day on (23 march 2017) and then my anime life begins and then I get what are Anime and awesome and creative they can be.
They are way more better than any cartoons once you start watching Anime you completely forget about Cartoon and explore more and more awesome anime.
The best thing about Anime is their story plot, theme, and the way express it. In Anime the animation seems realistic. If you are above the age of 13 you can watch most of the Anime and I should really prefer you to go and watch Anime just after reading this post.

Benefits of watching Anime.

·       Your logical and IQ level increases.
·       Your creativity level increases.
·       Watching Anime make you stress free.
·       You don’t get depressed in your bad time by watching Anime.
·       Anime teach you life lessons and motivates you to do hard work.
·       Your knowledge increases.
·       You may explore more hobbies.

 How to watch them?

You can watch Anime from many streaming networks like Crunchyroll and Netflix just by getting a membership plan for yourself start streaming HD Anime on your device.
If you want to watch Anime for free without any membership just checkout this post below.

 To be honest there is no age limit to watch Anime, everyone can watch Anime but you just need to choose right Anime on the basis of your choice and age.
If you are just starting watching Anime you can Checkout this list below.

If you are already an Otaku and you want make more Otakus just share this post to those people who don’t know anything about Anime.
If I miss anything in this post or you want suggest me something comment it below and I will make sure to improve it next time.
Thankyou sayonara-